lights, camera, action!

Photo day Checklist for REAL ESTATE AGENTS

 Save this list! When you hire Chris, you get the best eye in real estate photography in Buffalo, and helping hands if needed on photo day. So don't stress. Here's good advice.

Tip #1 PLEASE MENTALLY PREPARE THE SELLER YOU SET HIGH STANDARDS FOR PHOTOS 😃. Professional photos are the MOST important fabric of online sales. Our standards are exceptionally high. Be there before we show up & let's do this. Final touches no worries! Clean off those counters!!!!!!!

Probably will need time to declutter a bit if you know, they've been there a while. Whole house cleaning prior & don't forget the windows please. Sounds like a lot. There's more. Clean counters, nothing around sinks. People want to see the bath tubs too. Almost everything off the counter. No pet dishes or cusions. And most important in Buffalo, shoveled paths, driveways, side paths, back decks & porches that are a selling feature.

We shoot Matterport & photos same day. We'll access the entire property. PLEASE Remind the customer you are having a virtual open house created, to attract more buyers & get the absolute most money possible. The good news is, this hard work will pay off.  Now, anyone online who sees your listing will be able to walk through. Virtually, anytime with the immersive technology of the Matterport digital twin. Even someone relocating from Sacramento. And who knows, maybe the people in Sacramento will buy it after all.

So everyone will definitely see the home in the best light! 



Keep in mind, the goal of the uncluttered rooms, kitchen counters, is to enhance the size of the space, giving potential owners a fresh perspective. It's okay to set high expectations with the seller & delay a listing since 1st impressions matter. Bottom line is, we're here to make this an absolute success for you.

Check List for Real Estate Agents Prior to Photographer Showing Up

Got a question or more tips? Let us know.