Industries We Serve

Tiny Buffalo Real Estate Media has solutions to elevate almost any business, service, from small business to government administration. And proud to offer our exceptional photography and Matterport 3D scanning to most industries & markets. Our large list of clients we have worked with or would like to is growing. If you are a business owner or property or site manager, we'd love to hear from you. Add our exceptional services to your brand, and reignite consumer interest with exciting content, expanding your online visibility and authority.

 Expanding our clientele beyond traditional real estate uses our photography skills in different contexts. Here are some industries and businesses that might need our real estate photography services, 3D tours or similar skills:

Remember, while the techniques of real estate photography (like using wide-angle lenses, focusing on space, and showcasing features) can be applied to many of these industries, each might also have its own specific requirements and styles. We use different lenses, for different applications.

Please call us direct at (716) 609-5615 for additional information on the creatives available for your specific industry.